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It is my long-held belief that the web should be accessible to everyone. Including small businesses. If you have 1 employee or 50 you deserve a beautiful, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and AFFORDABLE website. All tailored to the needs of a small business

it takes more than a pretty web design
to make an effective website

Small businesses are often surprised to learn that “web design” is only a fraction of what goes into creating a website. To be successful you’ll need detailed planning, a domain name, web-hosting, social media integration, and a way to get found on Google.

the way i work

Though each project is unique, I have a established a 5 step process that ensures your project is completed on time.


During your free consultation, we’ll go over your goals for your website and any ideas you may have on its function and look.


I will create a basic layout using the themes and concepts we discussed in the idea phase. This will be the building blocks of your website.


At the midway point in the project, we’ll meet and discuss how the website is progressing thus far. We’ll go over any changes that need to made and what still needs to happen.


This will be our final meeting to confirm all changes have been made and everything is functioning as it should. I’ll also go over all the process involved in updating and maintain your new website. Once you agree that the website is final, we turn it live!

tech support

Not everything works the first time, no matter how hard we try. That is why I offer 1 month of tech support and bug fixes and no additional charge! Also, you can ask me questions if you’ve forgotten how to do something from our final review.

i help make you look awesome

Your website will be custom designed to meet your exact business needs and goals.

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  • Dave Golston
    Koa Wood Artist on the Big Island, Hawaii
  • Tanuki Entertainment
    An App Development Company
  • Birth Doula
    A Birth Doula in Seattle, WA
  • Kau Computers
    Computer Repair Business on the Big Island of Hawaii

i’m ready to build you a beautiful website!

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I’ll answer any questions you may have and give you honest advice without a hard sales pitch.

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