When the International Certification for Natural Henna Artist (ICNHA) administration decided they wanted a new website they contacted me as I am a member of the henna community and supporter of using safe, natural henna. This non-profits main goals were a way to provide information on safe henna application and not using chemicals in their products that can cause harmful skin reactions. They also needed a way to provide a peer-reviewed certification exam for anyone wishing to test their knowledge and then show a member listing for those that passed.I set them up with a clean, minimal layout making sure to include their social outreach pages and a clear place to purchase the exam. The members are all listed with profile pictures, the members’ social links, business name and web address, and their location and member number. The members can then be sorted by location to find a natural henna artist nearest the user’s location.The “Purchase Now” button goes to a multi-page form the verify that all the terms and conditions are read before proceeding to a PayPal button.Everything was designed to make it easy for the henna artist to find the information they need to be natural henna artists, and easy for anyone looking for a certified henna artist nearest them.

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