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It was I who contacted the administrators of TWIST when I saw an ad for website help in their thrice annual journal. An avid tablet weaver when not working on websites, we quickly worked out what they needed and how I could help.

With an active membership of over 400 members and over 1300 past and current users, TWIST needed a way to allow members more freedom in subscribing to the journal and in renewing their memberships. The old way required a lot of waiting and back and forth from the administrators and users. Sometimes talking multiple days before users were granted access. So streamlining this process was #1 on the list.

Second, the back catalog of journals was not searchable, nor was it easy to upload new ones.

Third, the old site was not current to how people use the web, nor was it easily extendable to include new features. Making it mobile, SEO friendly, and making it easy to update and extend its functionality.

New features now include automated signup and renewal, a searchable download directory for the journal, and a new feature of online articles from past journals now in digital format for easy online reading.

The result is a 21st Century AD website for a technique that might date back to 21st Century BC.

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